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Welcome to the Better Life Institute.

Better Life Institute is one of the nations most unique and effective non-narcotic Recovery Programs for individuals with Chronic Pain or Illness. Our whole-body approach incorporates the most effective methods available to achieve real and lasting Recovery.

If what you've already tried hasn't worked, let us show you why we're different. And how you can get well.

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How do we Help you Heal?

At the Better Life Institute, we heal Chronic Pain and Illness through a proven, whole-body, common sense approach. We address source physiological, behavioral, psychological and emotional issues in one extended wellness program. No more bouncing from doctor to doctor to treat individual symptoms. We focus on root cause, Mind-Body education, self-treatment skills and techniques that, when combined with standard medical analysis, create a proven healing result.

There are far too many people suffering needlessly because they simply don't know where to find the answers. At the Better Life Institute we recognize this great need, one that is growing, and it is our mission to provide a real, long-term healing solution.

At the Better Life Institute, you will find answers, you will find hope and you will find Healing.

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A Few Guest Experiences..

  • "This course is incredible! ...I feel like a new, more productive, happier person. Each day my life takes an upward swing, to better and better things. I have found the joy and enthusiasm daily as I awake, that I thought was only related to very special times in my life. In other words – now, every day is a special day in my life."
    Linda H.
  • "Before the sessions, my self-confidence and outlook on life were lower than dirt under the door mat. During the sessions, I was told that I had probably set things in motion that I haven't even thought about, and almost daily I see it happening. Words cannot express the gratefulness I have for the patience and caring with which the sessions were conducted."
    Linda V.
  • "I was challenged to think deeply about areas of my life I had never considered before. This gave me the chance to remove obstacles in the way of my happiness. Just a few short weeks can change the way you think and give you the tools you need to live your best life."
    Dora B.
  • "Thank you! I sincerely hope that this isn't the end of our relationship, that I can count on your guidance in the coming weeks and whatever time it takes to get on the way to being the [person] I'm meant to be, and make that difference in my world. You have certainly made a difference in mine, and I am inspired today to keep on working at it. Thank you once again."
    Kathy J.
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